The Spiritual Formation weekend is our first and most important equipping event!

Spiritual Formation is when a new believer or a member join a life group, you will be invite to attend a Spiritual Formation Weekend. This weekend you will:

• Share your life story through the use of The Journey Guide for New Christians, or for Existing church members entering the life group ministry will use The Journey Guide for Growing Christians.)

Learn about and be scheduled for baptism, if necessary.

• Learn about your church.

• Meet the pastoral staff and spouses.

• Be placed in or confirmed as a member of a particular cell group.

• Learn about their future at your church and the equipping journey they will undertake.


Participants are invited to spend a weekend (Friday evening through Saturday evening) in discovering of God and his purposes for each life. The weekend is designed to be exciting, refreshing, and most importantly - life changing!



Encounter God is our second important equipping even

Encounter Retreats are for anyone who is;

• Seeking a deeper relationship with God!

• Seeking freedom from past hurts and damaging life patterns!

• Seeking to live a deeper Christ-centered lifestyle!

Participants are invited to spend a weekend (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon) in discovery of God and His purposes for each life. The weekend is designed to be exciting, refreshing and most importantly - life changing!

Simply defined: An encounter retreat is a special opportunity for you to encounter God and experience a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ!.

Whether a person is attending an Encounter as a new believer or as a mature Christian seeking more intimacy with God, the Encounter Retreat is an important investment in your relationship with God. Many who have participated in this special weekend have described it as, the most important weekend of my life!



Our Share Jesus without Fear training is a daylong (Saturday 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM) training that provided the believer with a winsome approach for sharing their faith with others. These training weekends are scheduled once each quarter (every three months.) Participants in this training are given practical training and hands on practice so that sharing Jesus with others becomes a way of life rather than a guilt producing obligation.



Our Cell Leaders training is Abundant Life’s primary way of training members to influence their world for Jesus Christ. It is open to those who have attended all Encounters and have completed all training courses.

Leadership, simply defined, is influence. It is our desire to see all believers become people of influence among their family, friends and co-workers. The Bible teaches that; "...we are Christ's ambassadors...” and that we have been given the ministry of reconciling people to God. (2 Cor 5:20) Too often however, in the past the church has become inwardly focused, spending much time, money and effort to produce fat believers - those who KNOW a lot about the Bible but DO very little to be salt and light in the world. (Matt. 5:13-16)

Abundant Life’s Cell Leaders training course has both an inward and outward focus. The "outward" Focus is to equip the believer for ministry to others. The inward focus is to instruct and mentor believers for a powerful personal walk in the victory and power of the risen Lord Jesus.


The Cell Leaders training is consists of an 8 week study course. Participants are required to sign up for the training and actively participate in the course work by completing written assignments and participating in a number of discipleship training activities. The entire 8 week course will be offered three times per Year that you can complete the course at your leisure time during that year. Graduation from the School of Leaders is complete when the participant has started his/her own cell group.



In addition to our Courses and Equipping Events, Abundant Life has a series of five interactive study guides that you will find helpful for use as a daily personal or small group devotional. These resources help you to grow and apply what you are learning. 

The guidebooks that are currently available are:

·          "New Beginnings" - Identifying Kingdom Values

·          "Arrival " - Living the Kingdom Life

·         “Encounter God” – Kingdom Revealed

·          "Touching Heart" - Expanding the Kingdom

·         "Mentoring another Christian” – Help Others Developed Kingdom Values

·         “Leading a Cell Group” – Sending forth for the kingdom



These classes are held on the weekend during the course of the year

·         Ministering Spiritual Gifts- Prophetic Team

·         Intercessory & Warfare training- Intercessory Team

·         Prophetic Deliverance Training-Deliverance Team

·         Healing classes-Healing Team