Join Abundant Life Church as we enter into our annual 21- Day Daniel-Fast January 7th @ 6:00pm-January 28th @ 6:00pm. This is a time for our church to make                                           seeking God and prayer a priority.­ It is our desire in this fast to draw closer to God and to learn His desires for us as a church and also as individuals in the 2018 year.







Daniel Fast Overview

Fasting is a spiritual discipline designed to better connect us with God. It’s all about aligning ourselves with God and what He wants to do. As a church, we are fasting together in order to deepen our relationship with God as well as get in step with His plan and purpose for the New Year.    Read More...




































Food Guidelines

The Daniel Fast is a partial fast, which means that we will eliminate some common things from our daily diet, but will have generous options available. We will focus on eating fruits and vegetables that are pure and simple. We have included a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid.  Read More...





































21-Day Devotional

Over the next 21 days, we encourage you to join us in your personal journey by following along with our custom made devotional, specifically compiled for this fast.  We encourage you to  write down your prayers and experiences along the way!  Read More.